NEWS RELEASE                                                                                         August 2017

Grab a Bigger Slice of the Combust, Flow and Treat Market Pie

The McIlvaine webinar on IIoT and Remote O&M this week used the Pulp and Paper industry as an example of changing markets and the route which suppliers can take to insure  a bigger slice of a bigger and bigger pie.

You can view the presentation at

You can examine the 150 slides in detail at:

Corporate Process Management System

You will see support for the following conclusions.

IIoT & Remote O&M is going to change the market routes and increase the sales potential for combust, flow and treat products and services in 12 industries.

  • Process management systems will deliver lower costs and increased production
  • IIoW (wisdom) provided by suppliers will greatly improve results
  • The cloud analytics will provide continuous white papers on the performance of each component and be the basis for corporate purchasing
  • Money will be better spent on improving products than on promotion
  • Component suppliers will both compete and collaborate with the process management systems suppliers to supply the wisdom related software for the component

McIlvaine provides the tools to pursue this opportunity

  • The IIoT road map plus guide, control and measure product forecasts for 550 companies and for 12 industries are included in N031 Industrial IOT and Remote O&M
  • Forecasts for each specific component purchase for each of the 550 major purchasers are provided in specific market reports listed at MARKETS
  • Profiles of the 550 companies and sales programs are described at DATABASES

For more information contact Bob McIlvaine 847 784 0012 ext. 112 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.