44I: Coal Fired Power Plant Decisions     $1600.00/year (Additional Users $120.00/year)     Click Here to Order

This service provides a connection for suppliers and coal fired power plant operators around the world.  It is free of charge to any coal fired utility employee.  It is designed to help owners make lowest cost of ownership decisions. The service covers combustion systems and components, flow control and treatment, and air, water and solid waste pollution control.  It addresses the four knowledge needs:  Alerts, Answers, Analysis, Advancement.

Alerts:  Six alerts and newsletters are included.  The latest entries in the intelligence system are easily accessed.  Daily entries in LinkedIn discussion groups are also available.

Answers:  The intelligence system includes case histories, product information, regulatory analyses and all the past newsletters dating back to 1999 (over 1000 newsletters).  Hundreds of hours of recorded webinars provide graphic as well as text answers.

Analysis:  Upcoming webinars, the newsletters, white papers in the intelligence systems and detailed discussions in the LinkedIn groups provide analytical data.  Focus on seeking the lowest total cost of ownership is one of the most valuable aspects of the service.

Advancement:  The extensive webinar library and intelligence system provide the material for tailored training programs.  If fills the needs of the trainee but also senior people who just want to keep up with the latest developments.

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