Municipal Wastewater Services

Mcilvaine forecasts the markets for valves, pumps, treatment chemicals, compressors, liquid- solid separation, air pollution control and the range of guide, control and measure products in municipal wastewater. This service is being extended to forecasting the opportunity at individual wastewater treatment plants world-wide.  Accurate forecasting at this detailed level requires specific process and product knowledge.  This knowledge is in part obtained through conferences and publications.  IFAT in Munich and WEFTEC in the U.S. are major sources for product and process insights.  The publications serving this market support these exhibitions with coverage of new developments and trends. The very substantial  body of information available at WEFTEC 2018 is shared at
Municipal Wastewater Treatment Update

Struvite Workshop and Background

Scrubbers and Odor Control at WEFTEC

This WEFTEC analysis demonstrates the potential for interconnection of people and knowledge through organized systems which link to available resources. The McIlvaine Municipal Wastewater Services initiative is a template rather than the end product. There are analyses on aerators, sludge incineration, air pollution control and other subjects. However, rather than expand them McIlvaine is offering them as a foundation for others who can do justice to the potential.  It is logical that the suppliers should be taking the initiative to help create these systems.  These systems can be focused on processes and products. Some should be focused on problems.

One decision system could be created on struvite. It would include alternatives such as side stream treatment and phosphorous recovery. It should involve the consultants and major suppliers as well as media and associations as sponsors. The organizer could be one of these organizations or a group. The decision system would be populated with papers and media articles in addition to original analyses.  The many links to free data on struvite demonstrated in this WEFTEC initiative show the potential.

The specific decision analyses on IIoT and Remote O&M,  aerator blowers, sewage sludge incineration and other subjects which are contained in Municipal Wastewater Services can be accessed free of charge to registrants.   To register Click Here