202I  Refinery Decisions

A decision system matrix for refineries provides purchasers with tools to buy based on lowest total cost of ownership for each type of combust, flow, and treat product or service.   Individual decision guides are being set up on many subjects. For example, fence line monitoring, fugitive emissions, process management software, automation, wireless transmitters, delayed coker valves, molecular sieve switching valves, FCC scrubbers,  etc. The system includes the 4 knowledge needs: Alerts, Answers, Analysis and Advancement. See a sample update at Click Here.  You can view an introductory webinar at: https://youtu.be/N0CgrGcfMAU

202I Refinery Decisions is free of charge to refineries. There is a 3 month free subscription for others after which there is the offer of a yearly subscription for $ 1600/yr to register for the free subscription Click Here to Order