NEWS RELEASE                                                                                   July 2023

AWE Productivity Hub Launched

The Mcilvaine Company has a Most Profitable Market initiative which identifies niches where 30% EBITDA and 20% share can be achieved.  This is made possible by decreasing purchaser cost of ownership by 7% or more. The AWE Productivity Hub is a vehicle for suppliers to anticipate purchaser needs and communicate value propositions accordingly.


Hub Details

  • A website has been created which is freely accessed.
  • The building blocks of the site are Value Propositions prepared by suppliers for specific niches.
  • The facts and factors determining the benefits to the purchaser are identified and links provided to the data.
  • The media is being encouraged to participate with funding from its advertisers. The basic program is being described in feature articles in 5 magazines this month.
  • In September the five magazines: International Filtration News. Valve World, Pump Engineer, Hose& Coupling, and Stainless Steel World will publish value propositions relative to Cell and Gene Therapy
  • Waterloo Filtration Institute is the first association/research institute to support the Hub.
  • Value propositions in hydrogen related applications have already appeared in some magazines.
  • A value Propositions database will be maintained and displayed on the Hub.




As every salesman of high-performance products knows the customer wants a solution to his specific problem. But other than an expensive custom design the best offer will be a standard product which most closely fills the needs. The difference between the ideal and what is available can be converted to a cost of ownership differential.

This is a reactive mode for suppliers. The Hub promotes a pro active approach. The niche need of the customer is analyzed in advance. If there are enough customers with the same need then a product or service can be modified to profitably serve the group. So, combining customers is one way to create a profitable niche. Another is to combine products. Packages with pumps, valves, and piping pre-assembled on a skid can significantly reduce cost of ownership.


Mcilvaine is working with the suppliers to help them by first forecasting the size of each niche.  This is based on lowering the cost of ownership. So, these forecasts include analyzing all the relevant facts and factors. This hub is designed to help Mcilvaine clients communicate their value propositions in each niche. However,  since any value proposition is the contrast to the alternative, the value propositions of non-clients is also included.

The AWE Productivity Hub can be accessed at

For more information on the niche market program contact Bob Mcilvaine at 847 226 2391 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.