High Efficiency Mask Market and Supplier Program

Mandatory high efficiency mask programs have now been implemented in some countries.  When the others follow this will be the largest filtration market ever.  Mcilvaine is assisting suppliers with a unique program including market forecasting and product analysis.  Mcilvaine has also created the Coronavirus Mask Decision Guide for all the participants.  The result is not only a thorough understanding of the drivers but a unique route to market.

Click here for the power point display.

Air Filter Market and Supplier Program

A big investment in high efficiency filters and room air purifiers will be the best way to fight COVID.  A comprehensive program has detailed market forecasts and technology analysis to establish the true cost of each alternative.  Click here to view a video description or Click here for the power point display.

Industrial Plants and Projects Demonstration

IIoT and Remote O&M for Coal Fired Power Plants
(Present and Future Contents)


  • Power Plant IIoT and Remote O&M Market by Regions and Year through 2030
  • Coal-fired Boiler Forecast
  • Potential for Third Party O&M
  • $125 Billion/yr. Power Plant IoT Instrumentation, Software, and Service Opportunity
  • Market Segmentation by Major Component
  • Drivers Impacting Product Markets
  • Regulatory Drivers
    • National and Local Regulations impacting Air and Water (The newsletter archives have monthly reporting of regulations in various countries from 1999 forward)
    • Move Towards Electronic Reporting for All New Regulations (Not Simply Emailing Documents)
  • Smart Instrumentation Opportunity
  • Component Monitoring in Power Plants
  • Remote O&M, Data Analytics and Subject Matter Experts
  • Venture Capital backed new Entries in IIoT


  • Changing routes to Market due to Remote O&M
  • Changing Pace of Innovation due to IIoT
  • Potential for International Suppliers to reach the Booming Asian Coal Fired Market
  • How McIlvaine can help coordinate IIoT and IIoW


  • Valves- webinars and data in the system on valves for FGD, ultrapure water, boiler feedwater, steam
  • Pumps - analysis of energy saving with VFD in boiler feedwater, special designs to improve pumps for FGD recycle slurries
  • Compressors - webinar on compressor choice for FGD
  • Fans - coverage of axial and radial fans for air preheating, flue gas, FGD
  • Filters - use in wastewater, ultrapure water, condensate, lubrication
  • Air Pollution - thousands of pages and many hours of webinars already in Coal Fired Power Plants with analysis of mercury, NOx, SO2, CO, CO2, NO2, HCl mass particulate and opacity CEMS.  In addition there are compete services on the technologies for Electrostatic Precipitation, FGD, NOx, and Fabric Filtration
  • NOx Control Inventory Management and Telemetry Services from Yara




  • Schneider ePAC Controller managed from Open Ethernet Backbone
  • Rockwell Mobility Collaboration
  • Yokogawa focus on Process Automation controlling Gases and Liquids
  • SCADA Systems (SCADA is the Glue for IIoT)
  • SCADA Digitalization through Data Management, Information Management, Energy Management, Diagnostics Management and Open Communications-Siemens
  • PLC Logging-Data Archiving-Siemens
  • Process Historian – Comprehensive Archiving-Siemens
  • SCADA Digitalization through Information Management- Siemens
  • Data Management Logging-Siemens
  • Web-based Operator Control and Monitoring
  • Open Communication-Siemens
  • ExxonMobil's Plan for the Future of Process Automation
  • Eaton DR Evolution – Products & Solutions
  • Kontron Second Largest ECT Provider


  • Schneider Electric Wonderware System Platform Industrial Automation Solution
  • Schneider Electric Enterprise Control System
  • GE Digital
  • Wind River (Intel)
  • Huawei ICT
  • Bosch Software Innovations
  • SoftDEL
  • OSISoft
  • Seeq Interactive, Visual Tools to Analyze Industrial Process Data
  • ValvKeep and OSHA Process Safety Management
  • ValvKeep Lays the Foundation for Remote O&M
  • Donaldson Remote Monitoring of Bulk Filtration Systems
  • Analysis of IoT Pump Opportunities by John Hilberg of Accudyne
  • AMI
  • Meshify IoT Solutions for Pumps and Other Flow Control and Treatment Processes
  • Decisive Classification is the Key to Integration with Software
  • Platform Levels and why Level 3 is the Future
  • GE Power and Tepco Will Jointly Develop Solutions for Japanese Fleet Using Predix



  • ABB -Symphony
  • Alstom (GE?) – Alspa
  • Emerson – Ovation
  • GE – Mark VI
  • Hitachi (now MHPS) – HIAC and DIAYSYS
  • Honeywell – Experion
  • Metso – DNA
  • Rockwell – Plantpax
  • Schneider Electric (Invensys) – Foxboro
  • Siemens – SPPA-P3000
  • Yokogawa - Centum


  • Artificial Intelligence
    • Fuzzy Logic
    • Expert Systems
    • Model Based Optimization
      • Neural Networks
      • Model Predictive Control
      • Model Free Adaptive Control


 Sensors used in combustion optimization  

  • Oxygen
  • Tunable diode laser spectroscopy - presentations by Yokogawa, Siemens, and Zolo in Mcilvaine webinars
  • CO
  • NOx  
  • Temperature  
  • Carbon-in-ash  
  • Coal Flow
  • Air Flow 
  • Flame Detectors

 Combustion Optimization  

  • GE NeuCo CombustionOpt - 2 presentations in Mcilvaine PacifiCorp webinars
  • ABB Predict & Control  
  • Emerson SmartProcess - presentation in Mcilvaine PacifiCorp webinar
  • Schneider Electric Invensys Connoisseur  
  • Siemens SPPA-P3000 - presentation in Mcilvaine PacifiCorp webinar with inclusion of Zolo TDL
  • EUtech EUcontrol
  • STEAG Powitec PiT Navigator  

 Smart Sootblowing  

  • GE NeuCo SootOpt - presentation in Mcilvaine webinar
  • Taber Knowledge-based Sootblowing  
  • Siemens SPPA-P3000  

 Online monitoring of corrosive species  

  • Metso Corrored,  
  • Zolo SALT  

Advanced optical sensors and imaging

  • Optical fibre sensors, Fabry-Perot interferometer, Fibre Bragg grating
  • Gas sensors using microstructured fibres  
  • Distributed optical fibre sensing
  • Embedded optical fibre sensors
  • Advanced spectroscopic techniques
  • Raman spectroscopy
  • Flame imaging  


  • High temperature gas sensors (solid electroyte, conductometric, microresonant)
  • High temperature silicon-based sensors (temperature pressure)
  • Metallic thin film sensors



  • Remote Monitoring Service Architecture - Emerson
  • Remote Monitoring with Service in the Cloud - Emerson
  • Bringing in the Suppliers for Maintenance Expertise – Emerson
  • MHPS is Remotely Monitoring Coal Fired Plants from the Philippines
  • MHPS Combining OSIsoft Monitoring Software with Cloud Based Analytics in Strategic Alliance
  • Remote Water Chemistry Control - Nalco
  • Nalco Data Management for Cooling Towers
  • Sensor Improvement Enhances Remote Monitoring Mettler Toledo
  • Thermo Remote Monitoring and Diagnostic Service Includes Proactive Support for Laboratories


  • Uniper and India Power Joint Venture for Power Plant Services
  • Luminant
  • Duke

Potential for BHE facilitated by Mcilvaine Program

Air and Water Monitoring: World Markets Report Demonstration