Gas Turbines and Reciprocating Engines

Gas Turbine, Reciprocating Engine IIoT & Remote O&M Overview


  • Gas Turbine and Reciprocating Engine IIoT and Remote Markets for Components
  • IIoT is Creating New Market Paths to the $100 Billion Gas Turbine Repair, Replace and Service Market
  • Market Segmentation by Major Component
  • Valves and Pumps Lead Component Purchases
  • Drivers Impacting Product Markets
  • Regulatory Drivers
  • Gas Turbine Opportunities for Valve Companies Shaped by IIoT
  • Multiple Gas Turbine Valve Purchasers with IIoT
  • Inlet Air Filter Monitoring can be combined with Digitized Sourcing Programs

Support Program

  • Gas Turbine Product and Services Enhanced by IIoT
  • This Program will help You make the Paradigm Shift caused by IIoT and Remote Monitoring
  • Example of Bi Weekly GT Supplier Alert
  • Monthly GTRE Update
  • Projects Updated Every Few Weeks. Here is Update for November 26, 2016
  • Details on GTCC in Each Country
  • IIoT and Remote O&M Programs allow the Large Owners to Coordinate  Operations Across the Fleet
  • Lots of data relative to each component has to be gathered in a digital process management program.  If the owner already has that information, the cost of program implementation with be far less.
  • Operating ZLD Systems from McIlvaine GTCC Supplier Program
  • New ZLD projects from Mcilvaine GTCC Supplier Program


  • AEP Monitoring with IBM Maximo and Siemens PrismMoni
  • ABB Symphony Plus DCS for Collection and Analysis of Plant Data
  • Schneider Electric is Providing Comprehensive Services for Power Plants
  • C3IoT Platforms used at all 24 ENGIE Business Units
  • AECC replaces CEMS with Predictive System for Seven Gas Turbines

Third Party O & M

  • Turbine Services Supports Sites with Different Make Turbines
  • ProEnergy is One of Many Third-Party O&M Firms and the Trend is Accelerating
  • IHI has Flexible Suite of O & M Services
  • NRG Energy Services can provide Digital Process Management and Remote Monitoring of its Own and Client Facilities
  • NRG Energy Services providing O&M to Golden Spread for Two Large Gas Turbine Plants
  • Wood

Remote Monitoring

  • Remote O&M, Data Analytics and Subject Matter Experts
  • Laborelec (ENGIE) has Remote Monitoring and Niche Expertise Capability
  • Ethos Energy operates Monitoring and Diagnostic Center
  • Siemens Monitors More Than 9,000 Turbines at its European Data Center
  • GE Gas Turbine Remote Monitoring Center
  • Ansaldo Remote Monitoring and Diagnostic Center
  • IHI Remote Monitoring Center for Gas Turbines
  • MHPS Supplies Records of Daily Activity and Insights on Performance and Availability
  • Parker has Condition Monitoring for Gas Turbines
  • Parker Condition Monitoring for Gas Turbines

Individual Company Opportunities

  • Braden
  • Berkshire Hathaway

Engine Applications

  • Diesel and Natural Gas Internal Combustion Generators by State
  • Drivers for the Growth in Use of Gas for Power Generation
  • Factors Favoring Growth in the use of Stationary Engines for Power Generation
  • Age of Gas
  • Natural Gas Production by Type
  • Developing Countries will have Greatest Growth in Consumption
  • Projected Number of New Stationary CI (Diesel) Engines per Year from 2011 through 2017
  • Distributed Power
  • Existing CHP Compared to On-Site Technical Potential by Sector
  • Total U.S. CHP Technical Potential Across All Facility Types
  • Existing Commercial CHP Capacity by Prime Mover
  • Remote Monitoring of Compressor Station Engines with Rockwell PlantPAx
  • Wärtsilä Condition Monitoring
  • Wärtsilä DMP Concept
  • CBM Way of Working
  • How Engine Health is Determined
  • Cummins CHP Systems provide up to 90% Energy Efficiency
  • CO2 Cleaned and Returned to Greenhouse to Gain 30% Plant Growth (600 ppm)
  • H&H SCR System Reduces NOx and delivers CO2 to the Greenhouse. System could be Remotely Monitored
  • Clarke Energy Greenhouse System
  • Biogas Engines

Power by Biogas ICEs vs. Central Power Plants