204I  Frac Sand Plant CFT Decisions

Manufactured sand plants delivering high quality proppant sand require a wide range of combust, flow, and treat (CFT) products and services.  This industry is growing rapidly.  Owners are challenged to select the components and services to allow them to deliver a high quality product at lowest total cost of ownership. Frac Sand Plant CFT Decisions provides a mechanism to allow owners to stay abreast of all the latest products and technologies to further their goals.  The service includes a comprehensive continually updated intelligence system and Monthly Alert. 

Details on the service are shown at http://home.mcilvainecompany.com/images/Frac_Sand_Plant_CFT_Decisions.pdf

Here is the latest Monthly Alert Frac Sand Plant CFTAlert # 1.   To register for the free Monthly Alert plus access to the Intelligence system and total cost of ownership analyses  Click Here