iot Business Program Based on Forecasts of Purchases by Each Prospect

Here is a route to navigate the sea change in the market starting with reliable forecasts of the purchases of each product by each significant customer.

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Sea Change in the Industrial Valve Business

Forecasts of Pump Purchases for each of the 6730 Largest Customers

Forecasting Combust, Flow and Treat Purchases of OEMs

High Performance Cartridges Represent Thirty Percent of the Market

Shale Oil and Gas will be Top Markets for Combust, Flow and Treat Products


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AboutWhat does the Mcilvaine Company do?  There isn't a short answer because we are unique.  We are a market research company with more engineers and scientists than MBA's; a publishing company which doesn't accept advertising; a consulting company which doesn't provide conventional services.  But in one sentence: we are a gardener in the global knowledge orchard.  We help the end users with decision trees which are synergistically juxtaposed to the supplier decision trees.  With the resultant pollination we are a knowledge bridge between supplier and end user...More


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Alerts, Answers, Analysis and Advancement are the Critical Roots

Knowledge needs were identified as the four As: Alerts, Answers, Analysis and Advancement. Today, the Alert function is served by a number of electronically delivered weekly and monthly publications. They are supplemented by internet based reports which provide quick answers to questions. These reports also provide analysis of alternatives. They are supplemented by recorded audio and video interviews with experts. The advancement or training function is well served with the online reports and the recorded webinars.

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