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Coronavirus Technology Solutions

Coronavirus Technology Solutions is a comprehensive program to vanquish COVID and add more than $ 100 billion to supplier revenues.   Daily Alerts provide the technical knowledge and important developments.  There is a convenient search engine to retrieve all relevant information.

 CTS Homepage 

Recorded interviews and webinars communicate the developments to a broad audience.  To view free recordings and register for a webinar.  Click here  Click here for more information

Subscribers are supplied with contacts at purchasers and other decision makers such as building architects.  White papers, magazine articles and industry group webinars provide the communication of the best choices.

The yearly cost is just $1900.00 plus $50.00 per additional user.  You can start with a few subscribers and then others can simply join by using their credit cards for the $50.00 cost.  Click here for more information

High Efficiency Mask Market and Supplier Program

The biggest new market in the history of filtration involves high efficiency masks to conquer COVID. New evidence points to these masks as the most important weapon in the arsenal.  A comprehensive program has detailed market forecasts and technology analysis to establish the true cost of each alternative.  Click here to view a video description or Click here for the power point display

Air Filter Market and Supplier Program

A big investment in high efficiency filters and room air purifiers will be the best way to fight COVID.  A comprehensive program has detailed market forecasts and technology analysis to establish the true cost of each alternative.  Click here to view a video description or Click here for the power point display.


 Breaking News

Filters, Masks and Media Production to Best Deal with COVID

Dynamic Filter and Media Market Could Reach $80 billion in 2022

Value Rating for Masks and Filters Using LEE

Value Rating System Needed for COVID Mitigation Options

Filters and HVAC Selection to Fight COVID will be Analyzed in a September 10 Webinar

Instant Market Insights Through Video Conferences

Air Filter Market and Proactive Program For Suppliers

Mask Virus Removal Efficiency will be Important Focus in August 20 Webinar

High Efficiency Mask Market and Proactive Program for Suppliers

Proactive HVAC Suppliers can Boost Revenues by $60 Billion

Program to Make the Best Coronavirus  Decisions Should Implemented Now and Then Continuously Improved

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Instant Market Insights


McIlvaine is conducting video conferences to answer urgent questions facing suppliers and investors.  Bob McIlvaine acts as host and can bring over 50 years of experience in the air, water, energy and contamination control industries to bear.  Since McIlvaine has very comprehensive services on Coronavirus Pharmaceutical and Technology Solutions he can offer unique insights on the impact of the virus on markets.

Discussions are enhanced with instant display of markets, market shares and technology analysis for dozens of products. The McIlvaine scope has been international since its first exhibition in London Olympia at Filtration and Separation 1975. 

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