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Coronavirus Webinars

Free webinars are being conducted on various coronavirus subjects. They include insights from world experts and analysis of the latest technology to better address the pandemic. 

The past webinars are directly available through links below. To express interest in participating in future webinars Click here

Future Webinars

Mask Policy Webinar - June 18, 2020

Efficient masks remove virus aerosols and protect wearers.  Inefficient or loose fitting masks may capture less than 20% of the aerosols.  New evidence reveals that  virus aerosols are a significant transmission route.  The guidelines and advice given to the public are to wear masks not for self- protection but to protect others.  Mcilvaine Company questions this policy and is trying to understand all the many factors which should impact mask decisions.  In this pursuit a webinar open to everyone will be held on June 18 at 10:00AM CDT.  The proposition to be discussed and debated is  Should the primary use of masks be to protect the wearer?

A number of recent research papers validate airborne transmission of small virus aerosols along with the possibility that even long distance travelers may become dormant but are revitalized when they are inhaled. Efficient N95 masks will capture these aerosols..  However, this type of mask is uncomfortable unless it is equipped with a valve to allow unfiltered breath to be exhaled.  For this reason masks with valves are prohibited in some communities and not recommended in general guidelines.

Masks have proven to be extremely effective in protecting asbestos workers, Asian citizens in high air pollution areas and those with immune deficiencies.  The moon has  a hostile atmosphere but man has walked its surface.  The common denominator is that the danger of the conditions is accepted and masks are designed to keep the wearer safe. The webinar will probe ways that more efficient N80 masks without valves can be made available to billions of people.  It will cover the potential for a range of masks including some with valves  to be used depending on individuals and circumstances.

A background analysis reviewing all the factors is found aMask Policy Review

Attendees are invited to submit data in advance and participate in the general discussion during the webinar.  For more information and to register Click here

Past Webinars

March 13, 2020 - Face Masks and Respirators World Market

Presentation by McIlvaine analysts on the revenue increases caused by the pandemic. To view this YouTube recording click here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oz6Y3pJSmcI

March 13, 2020 Air Filtration and Purification World Markets with Coronavirus Supplement

The coronavirus will radically change the short term air filter market but will also have a major long term effect. More efficient filters will be installed at existing facilities and there will be many new applications and technology.  To view this YouTube recording click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b182d30y9SE&feature=youtu.be

March 24, 2020 - Foot Sanitizer for Cost Effective HAI and COVID-19 Reduction

A discussion with PathO3Gen Solutions executives relative to the reduction of HAI including coronavirus at hospitals, pharmaceutical, food manufacturers as well as public places. Charlie Rodriguez and Robyn Collins explained why a combination of ozone and UV light makes a foot sanitizer very effective for reducing infections.  To view this YouTube recording click here: https://youtu.be/qxcnV7Z6I9g

March 26, 2020 - Coronavirus Masks, Filters and Decontamination

Important issues such as virus airborne transmission and size were discussed by several experts. New filter media technology for masks which is more efficient than SMS was examined. Trends toward stylish N95 masks in China were reviewed. The need for room air purifiers in apartment buildings with sick tenants was also addressed.  To view this YouTube recording click here:  https://youtu.be/MttSotStbyE

April 2, 2020 - Mask Design and Reuse

Five world experts from three countries made presentations regarding new filter media using nanofibers with higher efficiency and other advantages over the traditional spun bond/ meltblown laminate combination. Ways to efficiently decontaminate and reuse masks using H2O2 and UV torches were also examined. The present and future production of mask media in China and other countries was also covered. View this 100 minute webinar at: https://youtu.be/V2oEX0PgnTg

April 8, 2020 - Coronavirus Market Intelligence

Suppliers of filters, media, masks, instrumentation, and destruction technology are faced with short term decisions with long term consequences when pursuing the market created by COVID-19. The rapid changes in the market dictate continuous and accurate forecasting. This service meets these urgent needs with Daily Alerts, continually updated forecasts of the markets impacted by the coronavirus plus analysis of the technology. Continually updated forecasts are provided for masks, air filters, filter media, decontamination and monitoring.  To view this YouTube recording click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKEDhzUJyk4&feature=youtu.be

April 17, 2020  Nanofiber membranes for masks will be more efficient, comfortable, and available

Mcilvaine publishes daily Coronavirus Market Alerts.  This analysis covers nanofiber membrane mask information appearing in the Alerts from April 3 through ‘April 14.  Nanofiber membrane media for masks has the following advantages: (1) it is more efficient and can capture more viruses (2) it has lower pressure drop than the typical N95 mask with meltblowns (e) the media is readily available for production where as melt blown media is in short supply. Cummins and Dupont have  teamed to provide masks using Dupont membrane technology.  The U.S army research shows a large number of potential media suppliers. Fibertex and HyFiber are also su0ppliers.  Several Chinese companies are making masks with membrane media and have demonstrated high efficiency after 10 washings.  Purafil has an anti microbial fiber. Wallace Leung provided an update on nanofiber mask research in Hong Kong.  To view this YouTube recording click here: https://youtu.be/4vzWwNw6Al4

April 23  Hospital Masks and Air Filtration

This webinar hosted by Waterloo Filtration Institute  included presentations by 5 people.  Tom Justice explained that Hospital HVAC systems are often inadequate and room air purifiers  are being employed in Chinese hospitals even in non-critical areas.  Bob Burkhead explained that an N95 mask  is tested on 0.1 micron particles and not 0.3 microns.  So its efficiency in removing viruses is higher than indicated by the rating.  Peter Tsai reported tests which show that electrostatically charged masks retain efficiency when cleaned with H202 or modest heat.  Bob Mcilvaine reviewed the large variance  in market projections based on variables which are as yet unclear.  Masks and filters rather than social distancing are the safest route for return to semi normal life. Stephen Nicholas reported on efficiency requirements for health care facilities which  include Merv 14 or HEPA designs for many areas. Gajanan Bhat addressed the subject of face mask media including new membrane developments.


May 1, 2020  CRI Fan Filter Units for Hospitals and Industry

Tim Werkema and Bret Asper of Cleanrooms International discussed the  recent activity in converting hospital rooms to negative pressure isolation units using their fan filter units. The units are supplied with wheels for convenient temporary installation.  They can be  used without ductwork or with a duct through the wall or a window to the outside. The units have variable speed drives and air flow can be controlled.  The company was able to meet the sudden demand by hospitals  for thousands of these units.  The 2 ft x 4 ft  HEPA filter is efficient at removing viruses.   The company is equipped to meet the rising demand in meat processing and other industries as well as in healthcare.  To view this YouTube recording click here: https://youtu.be/Bm3_Q0a0r2E