Consulting Services available from Robert McIlvaine

Consulting Services from Robert McIlvaine







We live in a silo world where the insights we need for a decision are inaccessible. 

In McIlvaine’s Instant Market Answers program discussions are conducted by Bob McIlvaine as on line video conferences.  Revenue forecasts for many flow and treat applications in different countries and industries can be displayed. McIlvaine has 15 reports with an average of 50,000 forecasts per report which are current and can be instantly accessed on line.

Market share data on thousands of companies is on display as well as lots of project data. The client may not need to know the details but if they can see a display of gas turbine installations in Algeria, coal fired power plants in India or the cleanrooms in California it will provide an instant insight.

Much time has been spent in the last six months analyzing the coronavirus impacts on the flow and treat industry. There are major negative impacts for most flow and treat companies but for suppliers of air filters and masks it is an unprecedented opportunity. McIlvaine has services with daily alerts on both the technology and pharmaceutical solutions. This provides perspective on the longer term impact by country and product.

Bob McIlvaine is available for conferences as short as 30 minutes or for extended engagements. There is much to contribute relative to sales or product decisions. Another great value can be advice for senior management relative to organic  growth or acquisitions.

Bob was in the flow and treat industry from 1958 to 1974 when he started the McIlvaine Company. In the last 46 years he has been involved in many of the company’s publications as well as consulting projects.  This includes acquisition advice. The first assignment was with Brown Boveri to evaluate Asea prior to the merger and launch of ABB.  He have represented buyers, sellers, or bidders in over 30 assignments.  He has been an expert witness in lawsuits where the size of the market or ease of entry was in dispute.  Consulting assignments have been conducted for many of the world’s largest companies.

For Cardinal Health he led a team in an assignment to compare reusable vs surgical gowns. They needed to create a common metric to measure all harm and good. This metric was well received and has been featured in hospital magazines.  It is equally applicable to evaluating any flow and treat product.