NEWS RELEASE                                                                                    May 2021

The Number of Cleanroom Projects Increasing at a Double Digit Rates

Not only are the numbers of cleanroom projects increasing rapidly but the investment per project is increasing as well. 

All of these projects are tracked on a weekly basis in World Cleanroom Projects.

Many of the semiconductor, photovoltaic, and flat panel projects are in Asia while the pharmaceutical projects are in the U.S. and Europe.

Cleanrooms are increasingly needed for products relying on nanotechnology. But there are other growing markets such as Cannabis.

When a large semiconductor fab is built, there will be additional cleanrooms to supply the equipment for the fab and others built to provide the gowns, gloves, mops, filters, valves, instruments and products needed to operate the fab.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp. (TSMC) is investing some $35 billion in a U.S. manufacturing facility, almost tripling the original $12 billion it originally committed. There will be very large cleanrooms on the site but hundreds of additional cleanrooms built to service this Arizona operation.

The Coronavirus accelerated rather than slowed cleanroom construction. The world trend toward a digital economy was positively impacted by home bound business people who needed better digital tools. There was a brief slowdown in automotive chip demand but now demand is exceeding supply.

The biopharmaceutical industry has been expanding to meet the vaccine and therapy needs created by the pandemic. A considerable increase in investment will be needed before India and many of the poorer countries have the biopharmaceuticals which they need.

Cell and gene therapy project growth is outstripping all other applications on a percentage basis but not in cleanroom area. Many of these projects involve extracting the cells from a patient and creating an injectable just for him. The result is the need for many small cleanrooms.

With weekly in depth reporting of the projects around the world plus the ability to easily search all projects in the last decade this service has great value for the local salesman as well as for management. 

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