NEWS RELEASE                                                                                         October 2017

Build Sales Strategy Around Top Global Prospects

For those who sell high performance combust, flow and treat products and services it will become increasingly important to focus on the top global prospects. Here are the reasons:

  • IIoT and Remote O&M will become pervasive and provide unique knowledge to the corporation regarding all its operations
  • This knowledge will result in global sourcing and extensive reliance on total cost of ownership (TCO) analyses
  • The availability of reliable TCOs will result in reliance on expert to expert communication for purchase decisions
  • The top 2000 global purchasers will make most of the purchasing decisions for future projects rather than just the next one
  • The smaller purchasers will either be influenced by third party process management suppliers or will buy based on the TCO evidence created by the larger companies
  • The TCO based decisions will create larger revenues and profit  margins for suppliers
  • The larger profits will be partially funneled to increased R&D and lower TCO products

McIlvaine is forecasting the combust, flow and treat purchases for each  of the top 2000 prospects in its market reports which are described at

Detailed profiles and analysis of individual purchasers are found at

A marketing program to help focus on the large prospects is explained at