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Most Profitable Petrochemical Markets for CFT Suppliers

Petrochemicals represents one of the largest markets for Combust, Flow and Treat (CFT) suppliers. The McIlvaine Most Profitable Market Program helps suppliers identify the most profitable opportunities at each potential large prospect. Overviews, plant analyses and project data are supplied for each large prospect. This continuing flow of information facilitates continuous forecasting of the Most Profitable Markets.

The foundation of the analyses are present in projected production. Ethylene is a major petrochemical. Forecasts are provided for future production in each country

Ethylene Forecasts (1000TPY)

  2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024
Austria 596 631 669 709 752 797 845 895 949
Belgium 2930 3106 3292 3490 3699 3921 4156 4405 4670
Finland 393 417 442 468 496 526 558 591 626
France 4407 4671 4951 5249 5563 5897 6251 6626 7024
Germany 6836 7247 7681 8142 8631 9149 9698 10279 10896

Present production at each major plant is also gathered.

Ethylene Production in France
Location Company 1000 tpy
Berre (Aubette) LyondellBasell 470
Dunkerque Versalis 380
Feyzin A.P. Feyzin 250
Gonfreville Total 525
Lavera Naphtachimie 740
NDG ExxonMobil 425

Detailed information is compiled for the producers comprising most of the market. Here are excerpts on LyondellBasell.


LyondellBasell manufactures in 24 countries. Net income in 2018 was $4.7 billion. Enterprise value exceeds $40 billion. It is the #1 supplier of polypropylene in Europe and the U.S. It is the # 1 supplier of polyethylene in Europe and the # 1 supplier of propylene oxide worldwide.

LyondellBasell recently expanded capacity at three of its facilities in La Porte, Corpus Christi and Channelview, increasing its annual ethylene production capacity by 2 billion pounds. It is now completing a $700 million facility at its La Porte complex with the annual capacity of more than 1 billion pounds of high-density polyethylene, the world’s most common plastic.

The company also plans to build the world's largest propylene oxide and tertiary butyl alcohol plant at its Channelview complex to produce chemicals for furniture, automobiles, adhesives and other uses. The $2.4 billion project, the company’s largest investment to date, is based on its belief of the U.S. petrochemicals retaining a competitive edge in the global market.

Project Information

Plant and project information is added continually to an Oil, Gas, and Refining Program which covers petrochemicals and to an Industrial Plants and Projects program which covers intermediates and end products.

LyondellBasell Boosts Corpus Christi Ethylene Capacity by 50 Percent

LyondellBasell has completed its 800 million pounds-per-year ethylene expansion project at its Corpus Christi, Texas, facility, the company announced January 19. "As we look to meet growing, global demand for our products, we continue to seek the right opportunities that ensure we are well positioned for the longer term," stated Bob Patel, LyondellBasell CEO and chairman of the management board, in a press release. "By expanding ethylene capacity in the U.S. through debottlenecks rather than long and costly greenfield developments, we quickly added substantial capacity for significantly less than the cost of a new plant." LyondellBasell noted the expansion allows the Corpus Christi facility to now produce 2.5 billion pounds-per-year of the basic chemical building block ethylene, which is used in housewares, construction materials, automotive parts, food packaging and personal care products. The Corpus Christ project wraps up a multi-year initiative by the company to add 2 billion pounds of U.S. ethylene production capacity. Over the past 5 years, LyondellBasell has spent approximately $2 billion on U.S. Gulf Coast expansions and plans to invest another $3 billion in the region, the company noted. Later this year, it plans to begin construction on a high density polyethylene (HDPE) plant in LaPorte, Texas, targeted for a 2019 start-up. Also, the company reported that it is making progress on development of a world-scale propylene oxide and tertiary butyl alcohol (PO/TBA) plant at its Channelview, Texas, facility.

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LyondellBasell Breaks Ground on Texas PE Project (T17)

LyondellBasell said May 16 that it has begun construction on the first Hyperzone polyethylene (PE) plant at its complex in La Porte, Texas. "Today represents the launch of our latest innovation in plastics technology," LyondellBasell CEO Bob Patel stated in a press release. "The new Hyperzone PE plant will produce a better plastic that advances solutions to modern challenges, like protecting the purity of water supplies through stronger and more versatile pipes and ensuring the freshness of bulk foods by providing tough, crack-resistant containers for storage. This is truly a global effort developed by an international team, built to serve worldwide markets." According to LyondellBasell, the project will create up to 1,000 jobs at the peak of construction and 75 permanent positions during operations. Created by LyondellBasell research and development teams in Italy, Germany and the U.S., Hyperzone PE technology facilitates the production of cost-effective, lightweight plastics that are strong, durable and recyclable, the company stated. In addition, the technology reportedly enables the manufacture of a broad spectrum of high density PE (HDPE) products in just one plant rather than multiple plants. LyondellBasell said the new Hyperzone plant will more than double the LaPorte Complex's annual PE capacity to 2 billion pounds (900,000 metric tons). The company anticipates a 2019 startup, and it plans to make the PE process technology available for licensing in the future. Separately, LyondellBasell said that development of a world-scale propylene oxide and tertiary butyl alcohol (PO/TBA) plant at its Channelview, Texas, site is progressing. The company anticipates a final investment decision for the PO/TBA project in the second half of this year.

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LyondellBasell Advances $2.4 Bln Gulf Coast Petchem Project (08, T18)

LyondellBasell Industries NV has reached final investment decision on its previously proposed plan to build what it is calling the world’s largest propylene oxide (PO) and tertiary butyl alcohol (TBA) plant at the company’s Houston-area complex in Channelview, Tex.

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LyondellBasell Breaks Ground on the World’s Largest PO/TBA Plant (08)

LyondellBasell broke ground on what will be the largest propylene oxide (PO) and tertiary butyl alcohol (TBA) plant ever built. The $2.4-B project represents the single-largest capital investment in the company’s history.

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Details on Existing Plants

Details on existing plants around the world are also provided.

Clinton, Iowa With approximately 400 employees and contractors, and covering an area of almost 239 acres, the Clinton Complex is one of the largest chemical plants in Iowa. Using natural gas liquids as a feedstock, the plant manufactures ethylene which is then converted into polyethylene plastic resins.

Morris, Illinois: Approximately 400 employees and contractors work on the site which covers an area of almost 700 acres. Using natural gas liquids as a feedstock, the plant manufactures ethylene, which is then converted into polyethylene plastic resins. 

Channelview, Texas: The plant, about 20 miles east of downtown Houston, has been in operation since 1957. Today, the Channelview Complex comprises an area of 3,900 acres with two large manufacturing facilities and a workforce of more than 2,000 people. Two olefin units at the north side facility manufacture ethylene, propylene, butadiene and benzene. The south side facility uses many of these products to produce propylene oxide, styrene monomer and other derivatives and gasoline-blending products.

The Most Profitable Markets Program aggregates information appearing in the databases and with total cost of ownership analyses of specific products produces forecasts of the Most Profitable Markets by individual prospect.

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