NEWS RELEASE                                                                                       December 2019

Two Game Changers for Flow and Treat Companies

Two game changers for flow and treat companies are the provision of

  • Market shares for competitors
  • Predicted purchases by each major prospect

Knowledge about your competitors share in each application in each geography is immediately useful to everyone from the local salesman to the CEO.


More than 99 percent of all flow and treat products are purchased by companies which already own the product. Even in Biotech where startups are a factor the universities and other entities involved are well known. Flow and Treat purchases can be predicted well in advance

The McIlvaine initiative provides market forecasts by industry sub segment.  In mining this means forecasts for lithium mining are included.  In coal fired power it means identifying every retrofit FGD project in India. In food and beverage in means focus on each sub segment such as edible oil.  Further segmentation analyzes palm oil in Indonesia vs corn oil in the U.S. In the case of sugar it means analyzing cane sugar in Brazil and India and beet sugar in Europe

This intelligence is made cost effective by the use in prediction of hundreds of specific flow and treat products as explained at