NEWS RELEASE                                                                                       December 2019

MBR Market to Exceed $5 billion in 2024

The market for membrane bioreactor systems will exceed $5 billion in 2024 with more than $3 billion accounted for by wastewater treatment.  This is the new forecast by the Mcilvaine Company in


This material is being added as a separate segment of the RO/UF/MF service due to the large size of the microfiltration and ultrafiltraton revenues associated with this application.  The forecast is unique in that the revenues represent the aggregate of what would be reported in financial statements by suppliers.  This approach is preferred because

  • It is the only way to iterate hard numbers with statistical determinations
  • It reflects the revenues of the companies pursuing the MBR market

It includes revenues of suppliers such as Suez and Beijing Origin but just for their initial contract and not for operation revenues. In cases where the MBR is an upgrade to existing biological treatment, the upgrade portion is reflected. In some recent contracts the upgrade value was only 50% of a greenfield complete system.

In cases where there is no identifiable MBR system contractor only the revenues for the MBR components are included. If the broader definition of MBR installed cost were to be the criteria the market in 2024 would exceed  $7 billion.

The report includes detailed analysis of system suppliers.  In the coming months market shares for membrane suppliers will also be added to the report.

For more information contact Bob McIlvaine at  847 226 2391