NEWS RELEASE                                                                                     April 2020

Safe and Cost Effective Food Processing in the COVID-19 Era

The food processing industry is facing a huge problem with plants deemed essential experiencing virus outbreaks. There is the opportunity to take advantage of new products and mitigation technologies and not only create safe working conditions for employees but to reduce risk of product contamination. An additional benefit is to improve product quality. Studies have shown that cleaner environments can result in extension of pork shelf life by 12 days. Here are some of the mitigation technologies which can be employed.




Offices, Lunch and Locker Rooms


There are many new technologies which will  find widespread use.  It is now well established that virus clouds are airborne and travel long distances. Therefore efficient masks will be necessary. Nanofiber membranes offer higher efficiency and comfort in masks.  Robots can monitor conditions as they move throughout the plant. Viruses have been proven to be transmitted by shoe soles.  So there are now foot sanitizers. HEPA filters can remove viruses in HVAC and local room purifier systems.

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