NEWS RELEASE                                                                                     October 2020

The Value of Tight Fitting Effective Masks Demonstrated by White House Events

On October 10 there was a rally in the Rose Garden of the White House. An earlier event celebrating the Supreme Court nomination will likely result in 100 new coronavirus infections. This includes the original 13 directly tied to the event and then others who will be infected later by the super spreading. The October 10 event will probably result in 200 infections. Here is  why.


Many of the people traveled by air to the event. There was no social distancing. Some people were unmasked but many had cloth masks. Even if some were wearing surgical masks they were probably loose fitting. If everyone had been wearing efficient tight fitting masks, there may be only 20 cases resulting from the event of which only four would be directly from the event. If everyone had been wearing surgical masks with some effort at obtaining a good fit the cases would be reduced to 110 and 90 deaths prevented.

If everyone had had a loose fitting cloth mask probably only 40 cases would have been avoided and there would still be 160.


This  type of behavior is why as of today the U.S. has had 8 million cases and 220,000 deaths. The latest models show that we are headed toward 400,000 deaths by January 1. These additional 180,000 deaths could be reduced by 80% with proper use of tight fitting N95 masks.


The net benefit to U.S. citizens including both economic and quality of life will be 180,000 x $20 million = $3.6 trillion.  This is a net benefit from which an expenditure of $12 billion for highly efficient masks is already deducted.

More details on the Mask Market and Supplier Program is available.   Click here to view a video description or Click here for the power point display.  For more information contact Bob McIlvaine @ 847 226 2391 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.m