NEWS RELEASE                                                                                     December 2020

Holistic Plan to Battle COVID Now

Office buildings, schools, gyms, and other facilities can be immediately reopened with the right holistic COVID game plan.

Companies such as Johnson Controls, Daikin, Mann + Hummel along with many others have the weapons to fight a full scale battle against COVID. The challenge is to use all the weapons with a holistic approach.  Presently the strategy is more like one used by Iran against Iraq. Just keep sacrificing ill equipped soldiers  until  the war is won  despite the costs. Here are the weapons available.

pic1 1

Every military manual advises that people win wars. Providing people with inefficient cloth masks when they could be wearing TE 90 masks is comparable to swords vs M6 rifles.  If everyone is wearing a TE 90 mask then only 1% of the virus is transmitted.

Room air purifiers and HVAC systems have to be designed around mask quality and practice. If one is eating or drinking the mask is not protective. To avoid the necessity of wearing masks all day the individual can be less restricted when in an area with few intruders, laminar air flow and efficient filters.

The concept can be likened to a pharmaceutical cleanroom with different levels of  particle removal.  Here are the U.S. and ISO ratings.

pic1 2

The wearing of masks would be a function of the measured rating in the area.  McIlvaine has recorded presentations on ways to measure and control air quality in each area. Particles and CO2 are good parameters. The number of people in an area can also be continuously monitored.

In a pharmaceutical cleanroom there will be ISO 3 biological safety cabinet in an ISO 7 space.  This space may also contain  ISO 5 isolators. The building would be maintained at ISO 9 or better and might have several ISO 7 areas each of which contains more efficient sub space.

In an office building the lobby could be maintained at ISO 9 with everyone wearing TE-90 masks 100% of the time. The elevator can be kept at ISO 5 but with everyone wearing TE 90 masks due to the close quarter contact with new people.

The upper floors could be maintained at ISO 9 but with some space meeting ISO 7 and others meeting ISO 5. Mask wearing would be a function of the actual continuously monitored CO2, particulate, and number of people.

Lunchroom eating areas and special conference rooms would be maintained at ISO 5 and masks could be removed while eating or drinking or making a presentation.

Daily developments on all the weapons to fight COVID are available in the McIlvaine  Coronavirus Technology Solutions.

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