NEWS RELEASE                                                                                     January 2021

Eliminate COVID Now with Tight Fitting, Efficient Masks

 A tight fitting efficient mask initiative should be given the highest priority because

  • The pandemic ends immediately with everyone wearing tight fitting efficient masks
  • These masks are available
  • The cost is nominal

Everyone can be wearing highly efficient masks within weeks. This includes commercial designs plus DIY braces for medical masks. These DIY accessories e.g. three rubber bands can be eliminated over time as commercial options are amply available.

Here are the important facts and considerations

  • When transmitter and recipient wear masks with a Fitted Filter Efficiency (FFE) of 90%, the combined efficiency is 99% and only 1% of the virus could be inhaled. Virus inhalation risk is 70 times less than with poor fitting cloth masks and 20 times less than with loose fitting medical masks.
  • FFE 90 masks are the equivalent of a 99% lockdown.
  • COVID is transmitted in small aerosols. If the emitter is wearing a FFE 90 mask the load falling on surfaces is reduced by 90% making surface transmission even more unlikely.
  • With FFE 90 masks we return to normal activity and the pandemic ends.

Fast Track FFE 90 Program Objectives

  • Immediately change every general mask mandate to specify efficiency. A nonspecific mandate is the equivalent of saying every football player should wear head covering.
  • Create Safe Bubbles which can only be accessed by FFE 90 wearers.
  • Require Safe Bubble operators to insure each entrant is properly wearing his FFE 90 mask.
  • Do not wait for proactive government initiatives. Let the Safe Bubble operators (Schools, Fitness Centers, Churches, Malls, etc.) lead the way.
  • Encourage Comfortable Attractive, Tight Fitting, Reusable (CATER) masks suppliers to increase production rapidly.
  • Guide those who cannot afford or acquire CATER masks to properly wear medical masks with a brace which insures a tight fit.

Fast Track FFE 90 Program Elements

  • Build on initiatives such as the ASTM 20/50 and EU equivalent
  • Utilize the free CATER Mask Decisions (CMD) to provide a forum for those with important information to convey
  • Quantitative, Qualitative, and Cursory Fit testing needs to be expanded. This can be evolutional and should not delay implementation.
  • The benefits of creating Safe Bubbles should be explained to every major building or transportation operator.
  • Programs can be implemented with the help of associations such as ones representing fitness centers, high schools, churches etc.
  • Governments can be a guiding force but we should not wait until they can be fully vested.

The mask should be viewed as a medical device but with the added burden of being an acceptable article of clothing. Those who can afford CATER masks will want them. The DIY brace is equivalent of using a shirt as a tourniquet on the battlefield.  It is not ideal but it will save lives.

The FFE 90 Mask initiative will be discussed in an open forum on January 21 at 10:AM central standard time.  Data will be displayed which is on the  CDM site.  If you have a contribution which should be considered, it can be added in one of the Daily Alerts prior to the forum.   

You can register through the CATER Mask Decisions Website

For more information contact Bob McIlvaine at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.