NEWS RELEASE                                                                                    January 2022

$300 Billion Air Water Energy Market

There is a $300 billion dollar market for air, water, energy (AWE) products which is potentially most profitable for suppliers with superior products.

McIlvaine is forecasting the market segments  in each niche including the induvial purchasers.

There is also a need for a more holistic forecast of the total market and large segments. Uses include

  • Acquisitions of synergistic participants
  • Research and Development
  • Collaboration
  • Identification of new markets for existing products

AWE Markets provides  this overview as well as analysis of growing market segments such as single use AWE products in biopharmaceuticals, hydrogen and carbon negative BECCS, and homogenization processes for food.

The world GDP is over $90 trillion. The treatment, combustion, control and transport of air, gas, water, liquids, and free flowing solids accounts for more than two percent.

There is a $782 billion segment which is defined by the supplier interest and capability as the  Total Available Market (TAM). It would include furnace filters in residences because they are the same filters used in industry. Valves for residential faucets would not be included because these are not the same types of valves used in industry.

The definition may not be obvious to outsiders but to the  purchasers, suppliers, associations, magazines, and event organizers there is a common agreement.

This segment is further divided into the Most Profitable Market and the less profitable but relevant segment.

The difference is whether price and delivery is paramount or whether performance influences the purchasing decision.