NEWS RELEASE                                                                                    February 2022

$60 Billion Annual Market for Air, Water, Energy (AWE) Products and Services for Hydrogen

There is a hydrogen based annual market for valves, pumps, filters, compressors and digital solutions of more than $60 billion. This will involve products which are just now being tailored to handle the physical, chemical, and safety aspects of the lightest of all gases.

One result is that most of the AWE products will be bigger and more expensive than if combusting methane.

AWE product vendors will have a $200 billion opportunity to combine the hydrogen specific products with standard AWE products in the same projects. For example the ultrapure water and wastewater treatment valves will be unchanged. However, the successful valve vendor is likely to be the supplier who can furnish all the valve needs. In any case the total valve market expands.

One option is green hydrogen using electrolyzers. The main use of AWE products is in the transportation and storage of the hydrogen and final end use but not in the creation. On the other hand blue hydrogen with ammonia production, carbon sequestration, ocean transport and use in combustion turbines requires a bigger AWE investment than does a coal fired boiler.


The market has been broadly segmented into power, industrial, and mobile. In each case the fuel production, transport and storage has been included.  Only 20% of the market represents products which have to be designed to handle hydrogen. In the case of a hydrogen fueled power plant only 10% of the AWE products would have to be hydrogen ready (special).

Suppliers need a novel approach to  keep up with all the technological, business, and regulatory developments. McIlvaine is working with the consultants, suppliers, purchasers, and the media to set up a large number of Industrial Internet of Wisdom Causation Loops. These are similar to ones already in use for plasma fractionation, indoor air filtration, and a few other subjects.

Causation loops are also being initiated for competing approaches such as BECCS.

In each loop McIlvaine is providing the detailed forecasts and acting as a catalyst to assist the  the suppliers develop superior products. It is also working with media and event organizers to publish cost of ownership factors and help validate the products.

One set of loops is the use of hydrogen in combustion turbines. Details on this initiative are shown at HYDROGEN COMBUSTION

The detailed forecasts for each product such as valves, pumps, compressors, filters and digital solutions are available for hydrogen combustion. There is the opportunity  for the media, suppliers, consultants, and end users to participate.

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