NEWS RELEASE                                                                                    February 2022

$30 Billion Market for Air, Water, Energy Products for Hydrogen Production by 2030

By 2030 there will be over 200 million tons of hydrogen produced under the Net Zero climate change program. Hydrogen sales will generate revenues of over $300 billion. This will require purchases of pumps, valves, compressors, adsorbers, instrumentation, controls, catalysts and filters totaling more than $30 billion


The IEA forecast for 2030 projects electrolysis as the largest production mode followed by fossil fuels (mostly natural gas) without carbon capture. An equal amount will be produced with carbon capture and sequestration. A relatively small amount will be produced with carbon capture and beneficial utilization.


McIlvaine believes that biomass including waste can be a significant source of hydrogen. An analysis has been prepared showing 20 million tons of biomass based hydrogen by 2030.


AWE product sales for hydrogen production could exceed $30 billion in 2030. One variable is the mix of technologies. The relative AWE revenues per ton of hydrogen for electrolyzers is tiny compared to fossil with CCS. So electrolyzers will not be a significant source of AWE revenue compared to the other production processes.

It should be noted that these estimates are only for hydrogen production. Separate estimates are being made for hydrogen liquefaction, transport, storage and combustion. For electrolyzer produced hydrogen the AWE products for liquefaction, storage, and transport will be greater than for production.

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