NEWS RELEASE                                                                                    March 2022

Gas Turbine Filter Purchasing Guide for FiltXPO

Attendees at FiltXPO March 29-31 are receiving a unique guide to help them make purchasing decisions.  Links are provided to previous True Cost articles in International Filtration News (IFN). Important cost of ownership questions are listed. Exhibitors who can answer each of the questions are identified. Here is a section on turbine intake filters.

Determining the true cost of gas turbine intake filters

  1. What is the potential for a HEPA filter to reduce maintenance labor on turbine blade cleaning and blade life?
  2. How much more expensive are HEPA filters in both initial capital cost and life expectancy?
  3. How much do the local conditions have to do with filter selection?
  4. Where should you choose static vs. cleanable filters?



IFN will be building on this initiative with future articles in the magazine.

The broader initiative by McIlvaine is to encourage the use of the Industrial Internet of Wisdom to create permanent purchasing decision loops.