NEWS RELEASE                                                                                   March 2023

106 million Air, Water, Energy Product Forecasts Available

The air, water, energy (AWE) market is comprised of millions of niches, each of which deserves a tailored sales approach to make it most profitable. Your effort can start with a Mcilvaine product-oriented market report. There is a detailed analysis of the products for each of 10-15 major industry segments for 80 countries and sub regions. But this intelligence should be taken much farther to create the Most Profitable Market (MPM) strategy. This is done by aggregating niches.

Here are some of the sub-niches.

Sub Niches

The ten trillion-dollar market is comprised of a million niches from which to select the most those which will yield a 20% or greater market share and 30% EBITDA.

10 million sub niches are identified. These need to be properly aggregated. The world is segmented into 258 entities including the individual States in the U.S. The country is also divided into 9 regions. The niche market may be a few states, a region, or the country.

The niche may include multiple products. It is ideal to offer a package of proprietary products such as the pump and valves or pumps for several processes. The dosing pump and the slurry pump typically  are purchased for the same project.

Forecasting these sub niches and then aggregating them to MPM targets has the following advantages.

  • Reliability: An increase for one product can indicate an increase or decrease for another. If you are forecasting two hundred products for a niche the reliability will be much greater.
  • Ensure that the right markets are identified, and resources properly distributed.
  • Provide specific targets for the individual salesmen.
  • Better understand the processes and the value of the product to the customer.
  • Change forecasts quickly and accurately as facts and factors change.

The Mcilvaine Company has been compiling the facts and factors needed for accurate niche forecasts for more than four decades. This means that custom analyses can   be made quickly.

A detailed listing of the sub niches is found at:

The product-oriented market reports are immediately available and are described at:

The Most Profitable Market Program (MPM) based on facts, factors and forecasts is discussed in detail at

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