NEWS RELEASE                                                                                   April 2023

Making 106 million AWE Forecasts Continually Reliable

Mcilvaine is making available 106 million multi-client forecasts plus any number of customized forecasts on air, water energy (AWE) products as outlined in last weeks news release;

The value of forecasting each unique niche or opportunity is undeniable. But no one else has attempted it because of the billions of facts and factors which need to be organized.

For 49 years Mcilvaine has approached this with the same reliance on detail that is typical of cost accounting. One of the sets of details is the exhibition investment of each player in each industrial market in each region. This not only reveals present but future activity. If a company suddenly invests a larger percentage of exhibition dollars in Asia or in the pharmaceutical industry it is a good indicator of the strategy.

It is economically possible to provide this level of detail when the cost is spread over thousands of products. It is valuable enough that clients want more. Our multi-client food exhibition analysis covers only a few large exhibitions around the world. One client focusing on centrifuges for wine and beer contracted to add dozens of small but important exhibitions.

One of the important uses is to assist in determining competitor market shares. This is a continuous process and takes into account the value proposition compared to each competitor.

Mcilvaine has coordinated with exhibition organizers and associations in this regard. At PowerGen Europe Mcilvaine conducted a tour of all the stands where flue gas desulfurization systems and components were being displayed. At PowerGen U.S. several tours have been conducted including one on reclamation of ash from ponds. The attendees were given various stands to visit and then to gather at an appointed time at the Burns & McDonnell stand to discuss and debate the offerings.

A number of activities have been conducted at WEFTEC and are documented at

One includes a guide to all the compressor and blower stands with an extensive slide deck comparing the advantages and disadvantages of various different designs.

You will note that one tour identifies all the stands which will benefit from a new BASF chemical to improve dewatering. Also included was a presentation by Mcilvaine at the BASF stand on the benefits of better dewatering.

Mcilvaine has been an exhibitor at more than 100 exhibitions such as Achema, IFAT, Pollutec, Cleanrooms, PowerGen, Filtration and Separation, Shanghai, and Valve World. One of the first was Filtration & Separation 1976, Olympia, London. The featured product was a big looseleaf binder with the Title “Mcilvaine Scrubber Manual”. There was lots of traffic the first morning asking us how we did our research. Only later did we learn that in the UK the common name for a prostitute was “scrubber.”

It is important to track competitor exhibition activity to determine the potential market share which can be obtained. But there are more specific advantages as well such as determining where to exhibit. When the cost of employee time is added into the total cost it becomes a major expense.

Continuous analysis of exhibitions is part of the effort to identify opportunity changes.


General economic changes are reflected in geographic and industry adjustments. They reflect the total market whereas acquisitions and advertising along with other data determine changes in present and future market share.

The program structure includes a fixed price for the basic report for one year and nominal fees for updates at any time during the year. Some may need no update during the year. Others may want monthly updates.

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