NEWS RELEASE                                                                                   June 2023

One at a Time Niche Market Program

Niche Game Plan

The Air Water Energy Market consists of 1 million niches each generating revenue of $ 10 million per year. Atlas Copco, Idex, and Filtration Group identify and separately pursue small niches through companies they have purchased or divisions they have created. Several companies have demonstrated that the Niche Game Plan can create EBITDA of 30% with an aggregation of the best niches.

The decentralized approach can be further enhanced if the groups share facts and factors which are applicable to several of them. Furthermore, it is now possible to obtain forecasts detailed enough to become the basis of business strategy. This is a contribution Mcilvaine can make to the Niche Game Plan as depicted below.



The niche game plan can be introduced one niche at a time. You can start with the low hanging fruit which would be a market of $10 million per year where you can achieve a market share of $2 million/yr. and an EBITDA of 30. This is achieved with a value proposition which allows a higher price but still lowers the cost of ownership. Mcilvaine can provide a list of niche options and then help you pursue the chosen target.

For more on the Niche AWE Game Plan contact:

Bob Mcilvaine
President, Mcilvaine Company
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