NEWS RELEASE                                                                                   December 2023

Niche Focus Plus IIOW is the Most Profitable Option for AWE Companies

In Air, Water, Energy (AWE) there are 1 million sub-niches with distinct value propositions and at least $1 million in annual sales. The most successful AWE companies are identifying each sub-niche where they can achieve 40% market share and 30% EBITDA. These sub niches guide the local salesman. 10 of these sub niches can be combined and successfully pursued with the help of product, OEM and regional managers. These niches average $10 million in annual market opportunity, $4 million in annual revenues and $ 1.2 million in EBITA. With the right selection of 100 niches a company can achieve EBITDA of $120 million/yr.,

To put this in perspective AWE companies average less than 10% EBITDA and the flow control sector less than 14%. So the example company with revenues of $400 million will generate EBITDA greater than most billion dollar companies worldwide.


How can a company sort through all these sub niches, pick the right ones, and then pursue them? It is a daunting task.

The answer is the Industrial Internet of Wisdom (IIOW).  IIOT with niche expert support provides cost effective guidance.

There are hundreds of facts and factors determining the value propositions in each of the sub-niches. Furthermore, these facts and factors keep changing with new technology developments, regulations, and competitors.

The successful use of IIOW results from the following:

  1. Organize common facts and factors:
    1. Regions, countries, States
    2. Industries and sub segments
    3. Applications from process to utility
    4. Products from systems down to components and consumables
    5. Analysis of the multi product companies including acquisitions
    6. Exhibition and association activities
    7. AWE Productivity Hub with individual value propositions
    8. Continuing analysis of market and product developments
  2. Continuous insights for all divisions and levels of the corporation:
    1. Forecasts detailed and reliable enough to become the foundation of business strategy for the local salesman and the CEO.
    2. Quick conversion of technical and political developments into forecast changes
    3. Routes for collaboration
    4. Options for pro-active changes to the AWE industry
  3. Proceed methodically:
    1. Identify the macro-niches most likely to contain the most profitable niches and sub niches.
    2. Use the low hanging fruit to generate enough increased EBITDA to fund the full program.
    3. Involve all divisions of the company and all personnel who can benefit.
    4. Provide continuous dialog and feedback to continue making improvements.

The niche focus and IIOW is the basis of the Mcilvaine Most Profitable Market Program.

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