NEWS RELEASE                                                                                   April 2024

Leveraging the Entire Universe of Process Equipment in Your Market Strategy

The Air, Water, Energy Universe generates revenues of $ 1 trillion for treatment of gases, liquids, and powders.

There are individual galaxies which generate revenues of more than $50 billion.  Examples would be filtration, pumps, valves, air pollution control, combustion, fans/compressors, and mixers/dryers/evaporators.

There are many stars within the galaxies with revenues of more than $1 billion. Each could have 10 planets generating revenues in excess of $100 million. Each planet could have 10 moons generating annual revenues of $10 million.


Suppliers can benefit by approaching the market as a universe for several reasons.

The market, like the universe, is interdependent. Just as planets revolve around stars, the market for pumps and valves revolves around the selection of filtration and separation equipment.

An FGD supplier can choose to use limestone and needs twice the number of pumps as needed if he chooses lime.

To reduce energy consumption, a large municipal wastewater plant operator in China chose to replace all the large compressors supplying aeration air and replaced them with a number of small units.

The Mcilvaine Company includes all the AWE products in its analyses and forecasts. Here are examples:


The advantages for clients are:

  • More accurate long-range forecasts
  • Forecasts for each lunar landing ($10 million niche)
  • Technology needs and trends
  • OEM prospects
  • Distributor collaboration
  • Acquisitions

These analyses are part of the Most Profitable Market Program

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