NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                    OCTOBER 2015

Over 70,000 MW of Solid Fuel Fired Generators Slated For 2017 

Suppliers are pursuing projects totaling $100 billion for new coal-fired and biomass boilers slated to start up in 2017.  These projects are continually tracked in World Power Generation Projects. The combustors, steam turbines and some of the other long delivery items have already been ordered but decisions on dampers, pumps, valves, nozzles, filters and controls are now being made.

Five of the projects are in Africa, nine are in Europe, two are in South America but the remainder are in Asia. China has the largest number.  Five of the projects will use biomass as the primary fuel. Four of these are in Europe and one in India.  The 30 non-Chinese Asian projects are shown below:

   Fuel      Project Name      Total Size (MW)  
Biomass Vemagiri expansion-GMR, India 768
Coal ACB India Chhattisgarh power plant   Kasaipalli, India 900
Coal Barethi power plant-National Thermal   Power Corp., India 3960
Coal Chhabra 5,6 power plant-Rajasthan Rajya   Vidyut Prasaran Nigam, India 1320
Coal Chipoka power plant-Intra Energy Corp.,   Malawi 120
Coal Enugu-Minaj Holdings Ltd. power project,   Nigeria 1000
Coal Exxaro/GDF Suez power plant, South   Africa 600
Coal Gadarwara supercritical power plant   -NTPC, India 1600
Coal Genting Ltd power Project in Banten   province, Indonesia 660
Coal Godda power project-Jindal Steel and   Power, India 1320
Coal Jambi province power plant-EGAT/   Intermining and Energy, Thailand 500
Coal Long Phu 1 supercritical power   plant-PetroVietnam, Vietnam 1200
Coal Maitum (Kamanga) (Alcantara) CFB power   plant-Sarangani Energy, Philippines 210
Coal Mangrol power plant-Gujarat Industries   Power Co., India 600
Coal Manjung 4 supercritical expansion-Tenaga   Nasional Bhd., Malaysia 1000
Coal Manuguru power plant-Telangana State   Power Generation, India 1080
Coal Meja supercritical power plant-NTPC,   India 1320
Coal Mong Duong 2-AES, Vietnam 1200
Coal Mota Layja village power   plant-Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services, India 4000
Coal Nabinagar supercritical power   plant-NTPC/Bihar State Electricity Board, India 1980
Coal No. 304 Industrial Estate power plant-National   Power Supply power project, Thailand 540
Coal Pagbilao 3 CFB expansion-Aboitiz Power   and TeaM Energy Philippines, Philippines 400
Coal Pemalang supercritical power plant-PLN,   Indonesia 2000
Coal Qadirabad (Sahiwal district) power   plant, Pakistan 1320
Coal Sampur-Ceylon Electricity Board/National   Thermal Power Corp., Sri Lanka 500
Coal Sinboryeong ultrasupercritical power   plant 1,2 -Korea Midland Power, South Korea 2000
Coal Solapur supercritical power plant-NTPC,   India 1320
Coal Subic Bay power plant-Kepco Philippines   Corp., Philippines 300
Coal Sundergarh supercritical power   plant-Coal India/Mahanadi Coalfields, India 1600
Coal Talin 2 supercritical rebuild-TaiPower,   Taiwan 800
Coal Termonorte power project-Produccionj de   Energia, Colombia 88
Coal Tuzla 7-Elektroprivreda BiH (EPBiH),   Bosnia 450
Coal Van Phong 1 economic zone power   plant-Sumitomo/Bach Dang-Hanoi Co., Vietnam 1320
Coal Vodarevu UMPP, India 4000

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