NEWS RELEASE                                                                                        NOVEMBER 2015

300 Large Oil and Gas Projects Account For 80 Percent of the Flow Control and Treatment Purchases

Some oil and gas projects include hundreds of millions of dollars of pumps, valves, filters, compressors and other flow control and treatment equipment.  The top 300 projects each year account for more than 80 percent of the purchases.  McIlvaine tracks these in the bi-weekly Oil, Gas, Shale, Refining E-Alert.

October 30    Oil and Gas E Alert covering two week period

Project Name


Total Amount $ Millions

Flow Control Treat $ Millions

Order Yr 20+

Enbridge Canadian   pipeline 38,000 300 16-19
Odebrecht Pipeline   in Peru 4,000 40 17-19
Golar FLNG   off Cameroon 8,000 90 17
Saudi   Arabia's PetroRabigh Petrochemical   and refining complexes 10,000 200 16-18
Dung   Quat Refinery New   refinery in Vietnam 4,000 90 16


New   refining and petrochemical complexes in Eastern Russia 10.000 200 17-19
10   additional large projects LNG,   refining, extraction 50,000 1,000 16-19
Total   124,000 1,920  

Sixteen projects reported in the latest bi-weekly issue account for close to $2 billion of purchases of flow control and treatment equipment.  The scope includes oil and gas extraction, LNG, gas-to-liquids processing, and tar sands processing.

The Alert is available separately but is also available as part of N049 Oil, Gas, Shale and Refining Markets and Projects, which provides a complete program for detailed market, prospect and project forecasting.   For more information on Oil, Gas, Shale, Refining E-Alert:click on: