NEWS RELEASE                                                                                         DECEMBER 2015

50 Companies Buy Half the Electrostatic Precipitator Systems and Parts

Sales of electrostatic precipitator (ESP) systems and repair parts for coal-fired power plants will reach $7 billion in 2016.  This represents 70 percent of the ESP purchases by stationary sources.  Seven companies will account for 44 percent of the purchases by coal-fired power plants and 31 percent of the purchases by all stationary sources.

                                    Coal-fired ESP Purchases As Part Of $10   Billion 2016 Market

# Of Corp

ESP Capacity For Each MW x 1000

Total MW 1000

% of Total Coal-fired  Installed Base

ESP Purchases $ Millions

% of Total

$  Billion


7 Over 50 575 44 3,100 31 Big 5 Chinese Corp.
10 10-50 150 12 840 8 AEP, TVA, Duke, Enel, EON
15 5-10 105 8 560 6 NRG, Xcel, Tokyo Electric, Chubu   Electric
20 3-5 80 6 320 3 AES, EPDC, RWE, CEZ
52 Sub total 910 70 4,820 49  
350 0-3 390 30 2,100 21 U.S., Europe, China
402 Total 1,300 100 6,920 70  

The five largest Chinese suppliers are among the top seven ESP system operators in the world.  These seven companies will buy 31 percent of the ESP products in 2016. The next 10 companies, most of whom are U.S.-based, will account for 12 percent of the ESP purchases by power plants and 8 percent of all the ESP purchases by stationary sources.



ESP owners are facing substantial investments to upgrade or replace ESPs to meet new emission limits. These limits ratchet down the allowable emissions. Emissions are measured not only over long periods, but typically each hour.  This means that electrodes, rappers and other parts which continue to operate but cause emission increases over time now have to be replaced more often.

The concentration of ESP purchases by this small group of companies means that suppliers can sell directly throughout the world.  There are efficiency, reliability and other unique features which allow suppliers to obtain higher prices and margins.  McIlvaine has developed a program to help suppliers focus on the large purchasers.Detailed Forecasting of Markets, Prospects and Projects.

This program combines the following:

N018 Electrostatic Precipitator World Market

42EI Utility Tracking System

44I Power Plant Air Quality Decisions

Industrial Air Plants and Projects