NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                    JANUARY 2016

The Environmental Systems Market Is a $1 Billion/yr. Opportunity for Valve Companies

The environmental systems suppliers generate revenues of over $100 billion per year. The systems they supply include valves valued at nearly $1 billion/yr.  This is the conclusion reached by the McIlvaine Company in N028 Industrial Valves: World Market.

System Type

Example Of Large Supplier

Annual Valve Purchases By System Suppliers,$ Millions

Number Of Companies With 20% Of Market

Average  Annual Purchases For Each   of the Top 20 Companies

Ultrapure Water Systems Veolia 20 10 400
Cross-flow Membrane and Desalination Systems IDE 200 10 4,000
Fabric Filter Systems Donaldson 80 20 800
Industrial Scrubber CECO 50 20 500
Power Plant FGD MHPS 150 10 3,000
Electrostatic Precipitator B&W 100 10 2,000
Cartridge Filter Systems Pall 50 20 500
Sedimentation /Centrifugation Alfa   Laval 150 10 3,000
Liquid Macrofiltration Andritz 100 10 2,000
Air and Water Monitoring ThermoFisher 50 20 500
Total   950 140 1,357

The largest segment of the market is for valves dealing with water and slurries.  Valves used for fabric filter pulse cleaning and air monitoring valves are the exception.  Some of the individual valve purchases are substantial.  The knife gate and ball valves used in a large power plant flue gas desulfurization system cost over $1 million.  ITT, Pentair and Crane purse this market with dedicated sales people.

Some of the companies such as B&W and MHPS are buying valves for many processes.  Both of these companies furnish environmental systems but their largest market is for complete coal-fired power plants.

The largest 140 environmental companies average annual valve purchases of $1.3 million.  These companies are all identified with contacts in 53DI OEM Networking Directory.

For more information, click on: N028 Industrial Valves: World Market