NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                    JANUARY 2016

20,000 MW of New Gas Turbine Facilities in the U.S. Are Being Built By Just 10 Companies

Annual increases in gas turbine power generation in the U.S. will be 18,000 MW/yr over the next five years.  The ten largest developers have 20,000 MW underway at 24 different sites.  This is the conclusion of the McIlvaine Company in 59EI Gas Turbine and Combined Cycle Supplier Program.

The ranking of the ten largest power producers is based on the proposed gas turbine-based power capacity.  (We limit our data only to those projects which are currently still on track and are either in the approval or permitting process or currently under construction.)

Rank Power Producer  
1 Panda Power Funds  
2 Dominion  
3 Exelon  
4 Competitive Power Ventures  
5 Advanced Power  
6 Duke Energy  
7 Coronado Power Ventures  
8 NTE Energy  
9 NextEra Energy  
10 PSEG  

Of particular interest is that half of these companies are private companies owned by investors with the primary intent of developing the facility, perhaps operating it for a while, then selling it at a profit when the timing is right.  (The five are Panda, CPV, Advanced Power, Coronado and NTE.)  The activity by private companies creates an additional challenge for large component suppliers who must forge new relationships.  It is a benefit to smaller suppliers or those new to the market that has more difficulty being considered by the large utilities.

The U.S. will account for more than 20 percent of the new gas turbine power generation in the next few years. This makes it an attractive market for suppliers of power plant systems and components

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