NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                    MARCH 2016

NOx Control Decision Guides will be compared on March 24 at 10am central time

McIlvaine has prepared decision guides for NOx control for various applications including gas turbines, coal-fired boilers, incinerators and cement plants and refineries.  The most recent guide is for NOx control from diesel trucks and light vehicles.

The purpose of the discussion will be to generate cross pollination among industries.  Refineries have more experience with ozone oxidation than other industries.  The catalytic filter has a big potential in coal-fired power but most of the experience to date has been in incineration and glass furnaces and other smaller applications.

*  E = explanation    A = advantages       D = disadvantages
DeNOx decisively classified options for coal, cement, incineration
Option *  Details
SCR E Ammonia injection followed by a catalytic reactor
  A High efficiency and accepted by regulatory authorities
  D Cost, catalyst plugging, space
SNCR E Urea injection in the furnace
  A Low cost, low maintenance, space
  D Low efficiency, ammonia slip
E  Ozone injection followed by scrubber
  A Little space if scrubber already in place
  D Ozone cost, efficiency
E Chemical injection converts to NO2 followed by scrubbing
  A Low capital cost if scrubber already in place
  D Chemical cost
E Fabric filter has embedded catalyst
  A Lower footprint with combination, lower capital and operating cost
  D Lack of experience

The mobile diesel SCR uses urea.  The infrastructure to deliver urea for the urea for stationary plants can be integrated with the mobile demands. 

Opportunities abound for combining systems to best fit unique circumstances.  SNCR and in–duct SCR is one example.  The use of hydrogen peroxide where there are short peaks in NOx generation can allow use of a smaller SCR.

Suppliers are encouraged to send information on their successes to McIlvaine prior to the meeting.  McIlvaine will display all the options during the meeting and lead the discussions.

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