NEWS RELEASE                                                                                                                MAY 2016

High Performance Pump Market for NAFTA Chemical Industry Tops $440 Million

Chemical manufacturing companies in the U.S., Canada and Mexico will spend over $440 million for high performance pumps in 2017.  This is the latest forecast in the McIlvaine publication Pumps World Market.


What are high performance pumps?  McIlvaine is using its own definition which includes both severe and critical service.  Severe service is defined as an application where corrosion, erosion, pressure, or temperature is a concern.  It also includes flow variables such as pumps which must run dry on occasion or are subject to rapid starts and stops.

Critical service entails impact on the product or the process.  Product purity is critical for many chemical products.  Contamination from pump components needs to be eliminated.  In certain cases, damage to the product is a concern.  The percentage of solids to be transported can be very high and create challenges for pump suppliers.  The pump efficiency over the flow range is another factor which can be important.

There are no high performance pumps used in cooling where once-through water or cooling towers are utilized.  Water intakes do not require high performance pumps (ultrapure water treatment is included in process separation). The biggest market is in process applications.  End users and process OEMs in NAFTA will spend $330 million for pumps actually moving process fluids.  Processes can be further categorized as follows:

Process High Performance Pump Needs
Storage low
Metering low
Measurement low
Heat/Cool medium
Separation high
Dehydration high
Reaction/Absorption high
Evaporation high
Disinfection medium

The major uses of high performance pumps with process fluids are in separation and reaction.  There are many chemical processes. Each has its unique requirements. Suppliers of high performance pumps who understand the chemical processes can achieve high profit margins in this industry segment.

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