NEWS RELEASE                                                                            SEPTEMBER 2016

Sales of Sedimentation and Centrifugation Equipment to exceed $7.5 billion Next Year

Sales of separation equipment using gravity and centrifugal force will exceed $7.5 billion next year. This is the latest forecast in Sedimentation & Centrifugation World Markets.


Clarifiers including thickeners will lead the way in terms of sales.

1 Clarifier
2 Disk
3 Other Centrifuges
4 Decanter
5 Dissolved Air Flotation
6 Hydrocyclone

The power industry with water treatment, cooling tower blow-down, FGD scrubber wastewater and flyash separation will be the top purchasing group with wastewater as a close second.

1  Power
2  Wastewater
3  Mining
4  Food
5  Other Industries
6  Water
7  Chemical
8  Pharmaceutical
9  Metals
10  Pulp & Paper

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