NEWS RELEASE                                                                                        OCTOBER 2016

Cartridge Filter Sales to be Just under $17 Billion Next Year

Sales of cartridges to industrial, commercial and residential customers not including mobile sources will exceed $7.4 billion next year.  This is the latest forecast in Cartridge Filter World Market.  NAFTA will be the leading regional purchaser followed by East Asia.


Carbon cartridges will be the leading type followed by non-woven designs. The market for cartridges with membranes is smaller but the fastest growing segment.  This is due to the high removal high removal efficiency. 

1 Carbon
2 Non-Woven
3 Membrane
4 String Wound
5 Metal

The cartridge market is primarily a replacement market.  This segment is all classified as dead end and non-cleanable. As a result, the cartridges are replaced when the maximum acceptable pressure drop is reached.  Two other McIlvaine reports N020 RO, UF, MF World Market and N006 Liquid Filtration and Media World Markets  address filters which are cleanable.

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