NEWS RELEASE                                                                                        NOVEMBER 2016

Sales of Ultrapure Water Systems Will Exceed $4.5 Billion Next Year

Sales of ultrapure water hardware and consumables will exceed $4.5 billion in 2017.  East Asia will be the largest purchasing region.  The electronics industry will be the leading purchaser followed by coal-fired power plants. This the latest forecast in McIlvaine’s N029 Ultrapure Water: World Market. 


Ultrapure water systems have many components.  A number of consumables are also purchased.  The largest selling products will be instruments and controls.  Condensate polishing systems come in second.

1 Instruments & Controls
2 Condensate Polishing Systems
3 Construction
4 RO Systems
5 RO Membranes
6 Filtration
7 Engineering
8 Pumps & Valves
9 Storage & Piping
10 Condensate Polishing Resins
11 IE Systems
12 Degasification
13 IE Resins
14 Heaters
15 Disinfection
16 Distillation

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