NEWS RELEASE                                                                                         August 2017

Guide, Control, and Measurement Purchase Forecasts for 550 Companies

McIlvaine is forecasting the automation, instrumentation, IIoT and Remote O&M expenditures for each of 550 companies who have combust, flow, and or treat processes involving gases, liquids, or powders.  ABB, GE, Emerson, Honeywell, Rockwell, Schneider Electric, Siemens and Yokogawa all have different definitions and segmentation of the market they serve in this broader space. These eight companies are forecast to achieve sales in the guide, control and measurement space of $8.5 billion which represents 8 percent of the total market of $106 billion forecast for 2018.

McIlvaine introduced the Industrial Internet of Wisdom (IIoW) label to cover the very important initiative needed to empower IIoT.  This category includes knowledge about the components such as valves, pumps, and filters as well as digital products.  The IIoT and Remote O&M forecasts include a much larger market than one served by the primarily automation and digital product companies.  Forecasts for their products are also being provided in the report.  We have elected to use the broad segmentation used by ABB.  Their grouping of consulting, services, and software has been labeled as “guide”.  The other two categories are “control” and “measure”.

ABB Segmentation ABB Today ABB Future McIlvaine Category
Consulting, Services, Software 15 45 Guide
Digital Products, Systems and Automation 30 50 Control and Measure
Conventional Products and Systems 55 60
Total 100 155
  • ABB display is from Barclays London Conference in December 2016

The 550 companies we selected to evaluate buy the majority of the guide, control, and measurement products in the industries with significant combust, flow, and treat processes. The segmentation is the same as defined by Yokogawa as their target markets.


*Yokogawa market focus

Here are some samples of the forecasts for the food industry.


The forecasts for the 550 companies are included in the continuously updated  N031 Industrial IOT and Remote O&M.

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