NEWS RELEASE                                                                                         August 2017

Pulp and Paper Industry will spend $1.1 billion on IIoT Next Year

In 2018 the pulp and paper industry will spend an estimated $1.1 billion for guide, control, and measure products and services.  This is the latest forecast in IIoT and Remote O&M published by the McIlvaine Company.  The “guide” category includes automation consulting, software and services.  This will generate revenues of $330 million. Control which includes automation products will result in purchases of $550 million.  $220 million will be spend on measurement including analyzers.

The report provides forecasts for 550 companies in 12 industries including 50 in the pulp and paper segment.

Pulp and Paper

On August 23 Mcilvaine will conduct a Pulp and Paper IIoT and Remote O&M webinar. You can register at Weekly IIoT Webinars .

The 12 industries representing those with significant combust, flow, and treat processes for liquids, gases, and powders will spend $33 billion for guide, control and measure products and services next year.  For more information on this report click on IIoT and Remote O&M.

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