NEWS RELEASE                                                                                         September 2017

Flow and Treat Purchases by U.S. Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators will exceed $13 billion this Year

U.S. Municipal wastewater treatment plant operators are anticipated to spend $13.2 billion for flow and treat products and services next year. The majority of these purchases will be made by just 50 operators and 30 engineering/consulting firms.

Chicago MSD operates seven wastewater reclamation plants.  It is also expanding its scope by encouraging nearby food processors to send waste to the plant for conversion to biogas. This will increase its sludge processing, compressor and air pollution control purchases. The Chicago Metropolitan Sanitary District includes seven reclamation plants.  Los Angeles Sanitation’s operations are approximately half the size of those in Chicago.

2018 Municipal Wastewater Purchases

U.S. $ millions

  U.S. Los Angeles Chicago MSD
Guide 1100 11 22
Control 1800 18 36
Measure 900 9 18
Valves 1000 10 20
Macrofiltration (belt presses, sand filters) 500 5 10
Pumps 2000 20 40
Treatment Chemicals 1400 14 28
Sedimentation and Centrifugation 900 9 18
Variable Speed Drives and Motors 1000 10 20
Turbines, Fans, and Compressors 2200 22 44
RO/UF/MF Cross Flow Membrane Systems 250 3 6
Air Pollution Control 200 2 4
Total 13,250 133 266

McIlvaine is forecasting flow and treat product and service expenditures for 550 operating companies and 400 OEMS, EPCs and process sub system companies worldwide.  The wastewater purchases in many countries are concentrated among just a few operators.  Suez operates more than half the plants in Chile and serves 20 million people with wastewater treatment in China.

In the U.S. the engineering/consulting firms play a big role.  The merger of CH2M and Jacobs creates an entity which is both designing and operating wastewater treatment plants.  The estimated flow and treat decisions influenced by this company are in excess of $600 million/yr.

There is a metamorphosis in the way purchases will be made in the near future. Process management system suppliers are providing monitoring and control of every valve, pump, and filter from remote monitoring centers.  Suez is monitoring hundreds of plants from its European base.  The equivalent of millions of total lowest cost of ownership analyses are continually generated.  This development will profoundly change the route to market as explained in N031 Industrial IOT and Remote O&M.

Profiles of the 100 largest operators and EPCs worldwide are included in 62EI North American Municipal Wastewater Treatment Facilities and People Database  which is being expanded to include the major worldwide purchasers.

Detailed forecasts for each of the 550 major purchasers are shown in the relevant market reports listed at