NEWS RELEASE                                                                                         November 2017

Forty Percent of Flow and Treat Products for Desalination will be Purchased by Just Forty Companies Next Year

Desalination is growing faster than the total potable water market.  Next year purchases of flow and treat products will exceed $7.7 billion of which over $3 billion will be purchased by just 40 companies.  This includes large system suppliers, independent operating companies and plant owners.  Due to the increased usage of remote monitoring the purchasing decisions will be made by relatively few individuals who are utilizing data analytics and making choices based on good cost of ownership information.

Desalination Purchases – World – 2018 - $ millions
Products All Purchases Top 40 Owners and EPCs
Pumps 1400 560
Membranes 1000 400
Valves 1300 520
Macrofiltration 200 80
Cartridges 200 80
Guide 900 360
Control 1900 760
Measure 800 320
Total 7700 3080

This opportunity will be analyzed in a McIlvaine free webinar to be held on December 6.  The specific opportunity for each product is analyzed in a series of McIlvaine market reports which also identify the top 40 purchasers

The purchase of GE Water by Suez creates a player with desalination sales close to that of the leader, Veolia and the second largest participant, Doosan.   The largest owner is Taqa of the UAE with close to 2.5 million m3/day of desalination capacity.  It is expanding beyond the UAE to other countries in the Mid-East, Africa and Asia.  However, it is contracting with major EPCs to operate its plants.  So much of the purchasing decision making remains with the large EPC/operators.

Most of the new desalination systems are incorporating reverse osmosis instead of distillation technology.  Remote monitoring and control assures that the proper treatment chemical additions are made to minimize membrane fouling.  Energy efficiency is also optimized through control of the primary and energy recovery pumps.

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Detailed product forecasts for desalination are provided in the following

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