NEWS RELEASE                                                                                         November 2017

Gas Turbine Operators will spend $2.9 billion for Valves Next Year

Operators of gas turbines will spend $2.9 billion in 2018 for valves. Fifty-five percent of the total will be for new plants while 25 percent will be replacements and 20 percent will be upgrades of existing plants.  Some of the upgrades will just be valves added for better control and remote monitoring.  Others will be added due to conversion of open cycle to combined cycle operation.

4000 MW of open cycle gas turbines will be converted to combined cycle operation on an average annual basis in the next three years.  Most of this will be in the Middle East and the U.S where most of the units are still not in combined cycle mode. The open cycle mode emits almost as much CO2 as does a coal fired boiler.  Conversions are being made primarily to achieve extra electricity production but greenhouse gas reduction per unit of energy produced is also a consideration.

Gas Turbine Open Cycle Capacity Percent by Region


Open Cycle

North America 36
South America 40
Europe 4
CIS 16
Africa 53
Middle East 40
Asia 9

It is a challenge to operate an HRSG on a fast cycling basis.  More robust automation and control provides part of the fast start HRSG solution.  There have been significant attemperator problems caused by frequent cycling.  One of the problems is leaking valves.  The solution is new valve designs and remote monitoring of valve leakage. McIlvaine is analyzing valve designs for HRSGS and has solicited assistance from the HRSG Users Group which is holding their annual conference in Houston from February 12-14.

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