NEWS RELEASE                                                                                         May 2018

Customer Based Sales of Combust, Flow and Treat Products

There is a sea change in the market for combust, flow and treat (CFT) products. Navigating that change is going to be challenging but it can be accomplished progressively with immediate returns to offset costs.

If you sell high performance CFT products you will need a business program which is oriented around large corporate customers and not around sales leads. This program can be implemented one customer at a time. If you start with the low hanging fruit the program will be self-supporting. Here are the details.

Sea change: The sea change is occurring rapidly because:

  • Most CFT products are or will be considered high performance (initial price is less important than performance).
  • CFT purchasers are merging and consolidating purchasing and selection decisions in central corporate operations.
  • The corporate staff is employing remote O&M and data analytics to determine the total cost of ownership of each product in each process.
  • The Industrial Internet of Wisdom (IIoW) is empowering the corporate staff to validate the lowest total cost of ownership for each product in a process in each plant.

The challenge:   It will be necessary to persuade a knowledgeable corporate staff that the suppliers product has the lowest total cost of ownership for a specific process. This in turn requires knowledge of the customer’s processes and a mechanism to convey this to the decision makers.

The progressive approach: This sea change can be navigated one customer at a time as follows.

  • Pick the customer based on
    • Size of the revenue potential
    • The total cost of ownership advantage of the supplier product
    • Sales experience with this customer
  • Organize the campaign
    • Coordinate the regional and corporate sales, engineering and other personnel in the most effective manner.
    • Interface with the customer based on knowledge of his processes and valid total cost of ownership analyses which takes into account the site-specific factors for each plant.

The McIlvaine company has a program which will provide you with cost effective support for this campaign. This includes forecasts of CFT purchases for the 1000 corporations who will buy most of the CFT products, details on the plants and projects and the building blocks for lowest total cost of ownership validation (LTOV). This includes general factors such as country by country electricity costs but also knowledge of many of the most important processes and the performance of CFT products in those processes.

A free webinar can be arranged to discuss a progressive program. Just contact Bob McIlvaine at 847 784 0012 ext. 112 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..