NEWS RELEASE                                                                                         July 2018

Gas Turbine Power Plants are Leading the Way in the Adoption of IIoT and Remote O&M

A free webinar relative to the growth of IIoT for the enhanced performance of combust, flow and treat products in gas turbine power plants can be viewed at   

The U.S has the largest inventory of gas turbine power plants.  Due to the low cost of gas there will be a steady increase in new plants.  Owners are tasked with meeting tough environmental regulations while striving to minimize the cost of operations.   Efficiency is a key cost factor. The optimum operation and maintenance of pumps, valves, rotating elements, catalyst and other components can now be achieved thanks to improvements in the guide, control and measure products.

Forecasts and tracking of gas turbine projects are provided in GAS TURBINE SUPPLIER PROGRAM

The use of IIoT in the power and other industries is analyzed in IIoT AND REMOTE O&M