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Power Plant Providers are Major Purchasers of Combust, Flow and Treat Products

One hundred power plant operators and system suppliers will buy a majority of the combust, flow and treat (CFT) products in the future. As remote monitoring is combined with third party operation and maintenance support this concentration of decision making will increase. McIlvaine is forecasting the purchases by both the operators and suppliers in 42EI Utility Tracking System

A number of the power plant system suppliers have set up remote monitoring centers. Doosan is one such supplier. It also is now focusing on aftermarket support services. The extent to which it is successful in this effort will make a big difference in its CFT purchases.

Doosan Heavy Industries is a Korean-based company with major activities in power and water.  It is active throughout the world. Its acquisition of Babcock Contractors in the UK made Doosan a major supplier of boilers and auxiliary equipment and services.  The acquisition of Skoda expanded its market share in Eastern Europe as well as in other countries. Babcock was established in the U.S. at the time of the acquisition and Doosan has remained active in this country.

Doosan is the leading supplier of MSF desalination plants and also supplies other types of desalination plants. It has activities in water and wastewater as well.

The corporation has invested in IIoT technology and has a remote monitoring center in Seoul which can be the foundation of a comprehensive support program to monitor operations, guide customers, and provide ongoing maintenance.

Since most of the new power and desalination plant construction will be in countries other than the UK, the U.S, Japan, and Korea, CFT suppliers have the opportunity to generate significant revenues and profits through O&M activities in collaboration with companies such as Doosan.

The path that Doosan takes relative to operations and maintenance services will make a tenfold difference in the purchase of combust flow and treat components. The average purchases over the next five years are provided below with both a low scenario with little O&M activity to a high scenario with extensive remote monitoring and replacement of CFT components as warranted.

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