NEWS RELEASE                                                                                         August 2018

Market for Power Plant Air Pollution Control exceeds $20 billion/yr

The market to supply products and services to replace and maintain existing air pollution control systems at coal fired power plants exceeds $20 billion per year. With the advent of IIoT and Remote O&M international suppliers can capture a large share of this market in developing as well as developed countries.

The strategy to pursue this opportunity will be outlined in a free webinar on August 22.

The strategy includes targeting the large purchasers and collaborating with other international or local suppliers to provide operations and maintenance support. Here is an example of a partial forecast for one 660 MW unit.

Corporate Name: EVN Unit size: MW 660
Plant Name: Genco 3 Vinh Tan 2 Vĩnh Tân commune, Tuy Phong district, Bình Thuận province. Vietnam
Unit #  1 Specific Product Purchases 2019 $
Forecasts can be supplied for sixteen types of valves, four types of pumps, actuators, limestone, lime, precipitator internals, dust bags, gas instrumentation, liquid instrumentation, controls, treatment chemicals, ammonia, urea, catalyst, cartridges, dewatering filter belts, membrane modules, linings, nozzles, mist eliminators, fans, air compressors, oxidation compressors, motors, VFD, seals, packing, hose, couplings, compressed air filters, lubrication filters. Nozzles: $50,000
Liquid Instrumentation: $70,000
Gas Measurement: $40,000
Precipitator Internals: $70,000
Fan Replacements and Repairs: $150,000
Ammonia:  $800,000
Catalyst:   $400,000
Dust Bags: $20,000 (just for transfer points)

EVN has multiple generation companies, one of which is Genco 3. The Viinh Tan 2 site has a total of 1330 MW of coal fired capacity with precipitators, SCR and seawater scrubbing. The plant was designed by Shanghai Electric with two sets of turbines and was erected in 2013. The seawater scrubbing contract was awarded to Alstom in 2011 for both 660 MW units. Alstom selected valves, pumps and other components as part of its proprietary seawater scrubber system design.

In the above example we provided forecasts just for Unit 1. However a program can be provided for all the power facilities. EVN operates 26,000 MW of coal fired, hydro and gas fired plants. Air pollution control purchases for all the plants exceed $40 million per year.

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