NEWS RELEASE                                                                                         September 2018

Intel will Spend $2.6 billion for Combust, Flow and Treat Products in 2019

Intel will be the semiconductor industry’s top purchaser of Combust, Flow and Treat (CFT) products next year. It has semiconductor fabrication facilities throughout the world. Large facilities are located in Ireland, China, Oregon, Arizona and New Mexico .

The company will spend nearly $1 billion for cleanroom hardware next year and over $100 million for pumps and valves.

Semiconductor CFT Purchases – 2019 - $ millions




Further Segmentation Available

5500 935 Rooms, HVAC, Devices, Filters, Ceilings, Doors, Walls  
2800 476 Gloves, Wipes, Disposable and Reusable Garments, Chemicals, Paper, Laundering
Ultrapure Water Systems 900 153 Condensate Polishing, Piping, Disinfection, Filtration, Wastewater Treatment
240 41 Adsorbers, Absorbers, Biofilters, Nozzles RTO, Catalytic Oxidizers
Pumps 240 41 Centrifugal, Rotary, Diaphragm, Reciprocating
Valves 400 68 Control and Off Valves Each Segmented In 8 Categories
Cartridges 475 81 Membrane, Non-Woven, String Wound, Carbon, Metallic
Other Filters,
380 65 Filter Presses, Belt Filters, Bag Filters, Clarifiers, Hydrocyclones, Centrifuges
Cross Flow
250 43 Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration, Reverse Osmosis
Fans, Compressors 290 49 Multiple Fan Types and Multiple Compressor Types
Treatment Chemicals 420 71 13 Types of Treatment Chemicals from Biocides to Flocculants
Guide 700 119 Process Management and Data Analytics Software
Control 600 102 PLC, SCADA, Edge Technology, Wireless Transmitters, Cloud Software
Measure -Liquids 140 24 Flow, Turbidity, Contaminants, Level, Pressure, Viscosity
Measure - Gases 70 12 Flow, Particulate, Acid Gases, Pressure, Temperature, Humidity
Measure -Powders 40 7 Flow, Quantity, Constituents, Particle Size
Other 2,000 340 Piping, Couplings, Heat Exchangers
Total 15445 2627  

The McIlvaine Company provides the overall forecasts on the above subjects for each major semiconductor company in individual market reports. The detailed forecasts for the segments are available on a custom basis.

These forecasts represent the total available market (TAM). Further segmentation by the Serviceable Obtainable Market  (SOM) is also available. SOM is best obtained in parallel with an initiative to achieve the Lowest Total Cost of Ownership Validation (LTCOV) of the supplier product. A combined effort to provide the detailed forecasts and to develop the LTCOVs is recommended. Details on specific purchasers are also available. There is a 33 slide analysis of Intel and its various plants which can be provided. Analyses of the Intel application of IIoT in its own plants and the products it offers to others is also included.

More information on the forecasts is available in each of the market reports

Intel projects are tracked in 80A World Cleanroom Projects

For more information on the custom programs you can contact Bob Mcilvaine at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 847 784 0012 ext 112