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McIlvaine Market Forecasting and Analysis for Wastewater Centrifuges Demonstrated with WEFTEC Analysis

WEFTEC, being held in New Orleans, September 29 - Oct 3 is one of the largest municipal wastewater conferences and exhibitions in the world. The exhibitors of centrifuges are all international suppliers.  Most are based in Europe. Centrisys is the one large supplier based in the U.S.

Company Stand
Alfa Laval 2717
Andritz 1829
Centrisys 4921
Flottweg 6439
GEA 537
Hiller 1813
Phoenix 5239
Pieralisi 131

NAFTA is the second largest market behind Asia.  The international suppliers have been successful in the Chinese market.  Flottweg received a large order from a Chinese wastewater plant last year.

McIlvaine’s Sedimentation and Centrifugation Markets has multiple product segments. Decanter centrifuges are most popular for municipal wastewater applications.


A pre-show analysis of WEFTEC helps provide more insights on the Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM) and Wisdom based Obtainable Market (WOM). The SOM would be a segment of the $207 million Total Available Market (TAM) market. There are centrifuges specifically designed for thickening.  So suppliers who do not have both a thickening and dewatering design will have a smaller SOM market.

On the other hand the WOM market can be even bigger than the TAM. Centrisys has complete phosphorous removal systems of which the centrifuge is only part.  Alfa Laval with its Octopus process management package is creating a large SOM market to include process management and service.

The WEFTEC pre-show analysis covers many of the parameters which will impact total cost of ownership (TCO).  The SOM is the market where the supplier can validate lowest total cost of ownership (LTCOV).  Therefore analysis of the information made available at WEFTEC is important.

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